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Advice on "commercialization" of code/packaging

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Greetings all, I''m looking for advice on how to face the challenges of releasing software to the public, even just as like a freeware/shareware demo. I''m not even necessarily talking about optimization of the code itself i.e. BSP trees, frustum culling et all, I''m more talking about, what are some of the "it works on my machine but not yours" types of challenges that come up as people from all different countries with all different types of computers/monitors/videocards etc. start downloading and running the game. Anyone had experiences with releasing a game or program and having a lot of people start downloading and running it? What are some of the things to be ready for? Appreciating any insight! Thanks Joe Love means nothing to a tennis player

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I believe i read something about windows and other os emulators which allow you to run a program as if it was on a different os, this might solve the os problem which is not the largest though.
Videocard problems are solved by sending beta version to several volunteers (this is commonly done by game developers) or you could just ask a computer store where you go sometimes (so they know you) and ask if they want to test your program. As computer stores mainly test repaired or assembled pc''s with games or highly intensive graphic demos they might be glad with a free demo or game. For apps this last isn''t really an option though.

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