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What is "std::list<IMMObject *> liveObjects;"

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It is a variable named "liveObjects", of type std::list, i.e. it is an STL list of pointers to IMMObjects.

The IMMObject is presumably defined somewhere else in the code you''re working on. And if you can''t find documentation on std::list... oh dear. Results 1 - 10 of about 23,800 for std::list. (0.31 seconds) Presumably you have .31 seconds to spare, if you''re posting on Gamedev...

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Original post by coldacid
alnite: He''s got you there.
no, I meant more than that. What I mean is, if you see a code std::list< IMMObject* > liveObjects; you should know that what you should look for is std::list not the whole thing. You should know that IMMObject* is just a data type, and liveObjects is a variable name. You must be able to identify these pieces, and from your question you didn''t seem you could. Otherwise you could have found the documentation and help yourself (Zahlman found std::list pretty easily).

You asked the whole thing, that''s bad. I suspect that there are too many gaps in your understanding of C++. I think you tried to read a source code that is waay beyond your level.

Don''t get me wrong, that is a suggestion. You need to learn more C++. You need to fill in those gaps.

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