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SSL and 503 FTP Error :: Socket

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Hello. I am working on a small socket application that utilizes SSL and FTP protocol. The problem is that the server response with error: "503 Log in with USER first." The SSL is OpenSSL. Here is an overview of the sequence. - winsock connect - AUTH SSL - SSL_connect() - handshake is success // At this point, everything is send/recv via SSL // SSL_send() and SSL_recv() - PBSZ 0 - PROT P - USER - PASS ... // All the above are successful // Server respond "230 logged in." // Every command afterward returns an error - SYST Basically, every command the program sends, the server would return "503 Log in with USER first." Do you need to package outgoing data in a special SSL package before passing it to SSL_send()? Please post if you have any idea. Thanks, Kuphryn

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