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help with ai program answerpad

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Hi, I''m fairly new to the AI thing but I need some assistance regarding a question I have about the ai program called Answerpad. I was just wondering, whether or not it actually does learn from you, or are its answers to the user prescripted instead? The reason why I am asking is because , the program seems to learns from you(like hal does without a person having to really go into the bots scripting editor) and it recalls things that you tell it but once you save the programs memory and exit it, and then restart the program, it doesnt seem to recall anything I have taught it or even the users name. (I have also tried the read facts option but it does not seem to make any difference )In other words the brain (memory)upon saving is not actually recalling anything I have told it so does anyone know I save it, in order for the brain or memory to work or is this not possible ? any help on this matter would be appreciated, thanks.

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