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Unreal audio?

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Hello! Anyone out there have experience working with audio in the UT2003 or 2004 engine? I''m working with a large team, and I''m writing/recording the music and sound effects. Somone else is actually putting them into our game. I am wondering if any of you that have worked with Unreal can give me an idea of the file size I should be shooting for per sound effect? I don''t want to slow the game action down, or have an action and it''s corresponding sound effect not happen simultaneously. Should the sound effects be in mono or stereo? 44.1k? 24bit? Just wondering. This is my first true game project, so I don''t have a lot of experience with this aspect of things. I am also wondering if the music (which will be in Ogg Vorbis format) needs to be limited to a certain file size, or if I can use 24bit, 44.1k audio? Thanks in advance to anyone who helps me with these questions! It seems like so many people on game development sites just want to be critical and rude. I am always very happy when someone actually takes the time to answer someone''s post in a positive or helpful way. That still does happen from time-to-time, which is why I posted this. Peace!

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