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Maya .X Exporter

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Hello, I know a few people here use my Maya exporter so thought you might like to know that I have uploaded a small update: Added further support for Vertex Colours. If a Maya object has no vertex colours then Maya will supply a default value of -1,-1,-1,-1 to the exporter. Previoulsy this was exported as is. However if this value is now found on any vertices, then a warning is posted, however if this value is found on all of the vertices in an object, ie it has no vertex colours at all, then the vertex data object is no longer exported. This means that you don't have to set vertex colours on everything, just the objects that you want them on. Mixing set and un-set vertex colours within a single object is not recommended as the un-set vertex colours will just come out black or invisible, if alpha blending is turned on. Have fun PS The uploaded version is now the release version, and not the debug as before, so it's nice and small. [edited by - jpardon on April 3, 2004 5:10:32 AM]

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