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A couple of OpenGL questions (TGA & Timer Stuff)

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Hi guys I developed a class to load TGA files based on Nehe''s tutorial. It works perfectly fine now but only after much head scratching. I had most of the variables as normal integers whereas Nehe had them all as unsigned integers. I was getting really pissed off as I could see the TGA was loading up properly but it just wasn''t being displayed. Eventually I changed all my variables to unsigned (like Nehe''s) and of course it worked. What I want to know is why does it work with unsigned variables and not normal signed integers?? Second question is a bit general really. I''ve seen loads of completely different methods of checking the time and updating the frame rate according to the time passed but which is the best method. I used QueryPerformanceCounter but I wonder what you guys think is the best way to get the time? What do you guys think of the timer in the mmsystem.h file? I might look at trying out this one. Are there any that shouldn''t be used for real-time OpenGL applications? Cheers, Steve

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