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Simple SetTransform with D3DTS_WORLD Question

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I'm rendering from two buffers, one my terrain, the other my character. When I try to move the model of my character to his position with SetTransform, it moves everything. I know there's an easy way to fix this, but I haven't done D3D in a while so I forgot. Here is the basic order of my code: ter->Render(&device); //render the terrain D3DXMatrixTranslation(&W,pos.x,pos.y,pos.z); (*device)->SetTransform(D3DTS_WORLD,&W); plyr->Render(&device); //render the player What am I doing wrong? EDIT:: pos is the position of the character; it is contained within the player class, but I'm just showing the order of the code. [edited by - jtmerchant on April 3, 2004 2:40:37 PM]

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