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Rendering like BenMark5 do...

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Hello I am trying to learn about the correct way to use dynamic vertex buffers to render using batches, so I decide give it a look at Nvidia''s BenMark5, but after review it, I noticed it dose not show the way it feeds the graphics card, I have readed in some D3D Docs that it push its triangles using Dynamic Vertex/Index buffers so I asume it batches geometry, but the code just dont show it : /, all it shows is a call to DO(m_pDevice->DrawIndexedPrimitiveVB(D3DPT_TRIANGLELIST,m_pVertexBufferOutside,0,dwNumVertices, pwIndices,dwIndexCount,0)); Which I supouse it build a index buffer from pwIndices, set source stream an render geom. So I really appreciate if someone with more experience in D3D could explainme which method BenMark uses to render +20 M/tris per sec, because in my test just got about 700,000 at 70 FPS in a GeForce 3 Ti 500 using 1 static index/vertex buffer and no tex, no lights scene. Thanks in advance, Oscar Gracian

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