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Consoles API's

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What kind of API''s do game cansoles use, or do they even have one, cuz I''ve heard that PC game programing is more based on API''s and the consoles are more based on programing the hardware I wrong or just confused big time. Thanks in advance.

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Depends on what console you using?
The xbox uses windows api since it''s running a modified version of windows.
PS2 on otherhand:
Real PlayStation 2 development is done using C or C++, and assembly.

If you have some experience coding in C, and you are familiar with basic hardware elements such as registers, you''re in a good position to start reading the hardware manuals and trying some low level PlayStation 2 development.

If you''re not as experienced with C, but you have done some programming, don''t worry. You might want to try working through some game programming or C tutorials out there on the web[3]...but feel free to have a go at some of the suggestions below and then see how you feel.

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