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bootsector help

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im trying to make an os but i cant get the boot sector to work can someone tell me whats wrong with my code
[BITS 16]
[ORG 0]
	jmp start
	bootdrv		db 0
	sysstart	db ''Press any key to start system.'',13,10,0
	rebootmsg	db ''Press any key to reboot.'',13,10,0
	resetmsg	db ''Resetting drive...'',13,10,0
	readmsg		db ''Loading program...'',13,10,0
	mov ax,0x7c0
	mov ds,ax
	mov [bootdrv],dl
	mov ax,0x9000
	mov ss,ax
	mov sp,0xffff
	mov si,sysstart
	call msg
	call keywait
	call reset
	call read
	push keywait
	push msg
	mov ax,1000h
	mov ds,ax
	call 1000h:0000
	mov ax,0x7c0
	mov ds,ax
	call reboot
	mov si,resetmsg
	call msg
	mov ax,0
	mov dl,[bootdrv]
	int 13h
	jc reset
	mov si,rebootmsg
	call msg
	call keywait
	db 0EAh
	dw 0000h
	dw 0FFFFh
	or al,al
	jz msgdone
	mov ah,0eh
	mov bx,0007
	int 0x10
	jmp msg
	mov ah,0
	int 016h
	mov si,readmsg
	call msg
	mov ax,1000h
	mov es,ax
	mov bx,0
	mov ah,2
	mov al,5
	mov ch,0
	mov cl,2
	mov dh,0
	mov dl,[bootdrv]
	int 13h
	jc read
times 510-($-$$) db 0
	dw 0AA55h

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What's happening? How far is it coming?
Also, this is probably not the right forum for this kind of stuff, check out http://www.mega-tokyo.com/forum/index.php?board=1 instead.

[edited by - Lantz on April 4, 2004 6:18:26 PM]

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