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Texturing Brushes in GDI+

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Sup all, im working with GDI+ to try and make a simple 2D game. Im using textured brushes for sprites, but GDI+ keeps wanting to tile them. For instance if you fill a rectangle with a image brush and then move it about the screen the image wont move with the rectangle, it will just scroll down and tile the image. Heres my code:
// void Render ( )
// Render the sprite to the screen
void CSprite::Render ( )
	// Create graphics object
	Graphics g( pong.hMemDC );
	wstring ws ( mImg.begin(), mImg.end() ); 
	// Load the image
	Image image( ws.c_str() );

	// create a textured brush
	TextureBrush tBrush( &image );

	// Draw and fill the rectangle
	g.FillRectangle(&tBrush, mX, mY, mWidth, mHeight);
Anyone know any ways around this? [edited by - luridcortex on April 4, 2004 12:17:10 AM]

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Why are you using a texture brush? The textured brush automatically tiles (that''s its purpose). If I understand what you are trying to do correctly, using Graphics::DrawImage() is what you want.

Thanks Salsa!Colin Jeanne | Invader''s Realm
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