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craigie b

Inversie Kinematics

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Hi All, I currently work for a small software house which dabbles in creating 3D games. Currently our programmers use a in house ASE loader to import 3d models (I[''m the artist so I create them). A recent development has lead us to begin development of a greyhound racing game and I wish to do the animation using Inverse Kinematics...Unfortunately the programmers are getting no where slow in finding any information on how to use IK within our loader because at the minute the only method we have of animating will be a @Flipbook'' style ofd animation. Also to add to our grievances there is no information regarding this within the Net. If any one knows of links to find such information or books that could be of help then I would be very gratefull. All the best Craig PS We are currently using Linux as a development and end user OS and as a resultare forced to use Open GL.

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I spent ages on figuring out inverse kinematics, however saying that its actualy extreamly easy once you know what to look for.
There are several techniques for IK (Inverse Kinematics). By far the best and easiest is Cyclic Coordinate Descent -> CCD.
Basically its an interative method to determine the joint angles for bones, its very quick (real-time!) and is low in mathematics.

Use these links to find out more, anything I tell you WILL be re-churning information from these, so they''re very detailed and easy to understand:

*First read this, it describes CCd in 2d only...

*Second read this, it shows how to turn the 2d method to 3d (with code)...

*Any more queries then use Google or just ask back here


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