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Intermediate C Book

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Hello all, I am having some trouble deciding the right book for learning the next step in C. I have all the functions and the libraries all learned, but I want to get into more advanced stuff now. Does anyone know the right book for this? I have seen a few, but I''m not sure if they are any good. C 1) C Programming Language (2nd edition) 2) Standard C Library, The 3) Advanced C Programming by Example C++ 1) The C++ Programming Language (Special 3rd Edition) 2) The C++ Standard Library: A Tutorial and Reference 3) Secure Programming Cookbook for C and C++ If there are any others that I don''t know about, or some of these aren''t good, I''ll accept anyone and everyone''s opinion on this. Also, I want a good C reference book in case I need to look up some simple stuff. I was thinking of getting the first C book listed for that due to the fact my "Teach Yourself C in 24 hours" book isn''t doing so well as a reference. Thank you for your time, [BDS]StackOverflow

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For C all you need for an intermediate book and reference is the K&R C book(the first you mention under C).
As for C++, the first and second are solid choice, never heard of the third one..

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To learn the theory behind the data structures that STL now provides I would recommend this book (if it wasn''t so expensive).

She goes into depth of the theory behind alot of data structures in C++ (complete with code examples but no CD included with the book ). Some of the things you will find in the book are.

Linked lists
Hash tables

These are all explained beautifully and backed up by example psuedo code.

If you don''t have a solid grasp of C/C++ this book is not intended for you.


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