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Shame on that device!

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Hi, I''ve created a simple fullscreen application with DX9 which only fills the devie with black color before it renders. My problem is that the user still has access to windows "through" the black layer. That means, the application is sort of permeable. For example, when clicking in the bottom-left corner, the program crashes because Windows notices a click on the Start-Button. The thread-mode isn''t exclusive, as it should be with fullscreen. When I call d3dDevice.Reset(...) after having initialized all objects (including the device), this does not occur, so it has probably something to do with the device-settings... Can you help me? Thx

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It''s VB .NET (no comment, please ;-)

pp.Windowed = False
pp.SwapEffect = SwapEffect.Copy
pp.PresentationInterval = PresentInterval.Immediate
pp.BackBufferCount = 1
pp.BackBufferFormat = Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D.Format.X8R8G8B8
pp.BackBufferWidth = 800
pp.BackBufferHeight = 600
pp.AutoDepthStencilFormat = DepthFormat.D16
pp.EnableAutoDepthStencil = True

d3dDev = New Device(0, DeviceType.Hardware, target, CreateFlags.SoftwareVertexProcessing, pp)

As I said, by calling d3dDevice.Reset(pp), everything is okay...

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Guest Anonymous Poster
sounds like a problem i had that might have been caused by WS_EX_TRANSPARENT, i don''t remember how i fixed it, try WS_EX_TRANSPARENT.

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