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Smoothing a value over time

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I''m working on a VR game app, and I''ve finally got head orientation data coming from my HMD in terms of rotation about the X,Y and Z axes. The data coming in is fairly noisy: If I hold my head as still as possible, the image before me is "shaky" - it moves around in small apparently random "jumps". I used to have a magazine article that described a function that took samples over time and returned an approximated, smoothed value - but I think I tossed out the magazine. Can someone please post a code snippet that accomplishes this?

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1. Take the mean of the last n samples?

(Off the top of my head I can see several ways of optimising this; for small values of n possibly unnecessary)

2. Take the weighted mean of the last sample and the result from the previous cycle''s calculation:

V'' = (V * (1-c)) + (n*c);

V is the value to display and n is the input value?

Where c is some constant between 0 and 1 (probably closer to 0)

Essentially the effect of a given reading falls off exponentially or something. There is probably a name for this but I don''t know what it is.


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