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[SDL] Trouble drawing to screen

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void CSprite::draw() {
	if(mAnimating) {									// if the sprite is animating, do the checking for frames

		if(mLastUpdate + mBase->mAnim[mFrame].pause * mSpeed < SDL_GetTicks()) {
			if(mFrame > mBase->mNumFrames - 1)
			mLastUpdate = SDL_GetTicks();

		mDrawn = true;

	blit.x = mX;
	blit.y = mY;

	SDL_BlitSurface(mBase->mAnim[mFrame].image, NULL, mScreen, &blit);

class CSprite {											// actual individual sprites for each entity

		int getframe() { return mFrame; }
		void init(CSpriteBase *base, SDL_Surface *screen);
		void draw();
		void clearbg();
		void updatebg();
		void setframe(int nr) { mFrame = nr; }
		void setspeed(float nr) { mSpeed = nr; }
		void toggleanim() { mAnimating = !mAnimating; }
		void startanim() { mAnimating = true; }
		void stopanim() { mAnimating = false; }
		void resetanim() { mFrame = 0; }
		void setpos(int x, int y) { mX = x; mY = y; }
		float getspeed() { return mSpeed; }
		CSpriteBase *mBase;
		SDL_Surface *mBackreplace;
		SDL_Surface *mScreen;
		SDL_Rect blit;
		bool mAnimating;
		bool mDrawn;
		int mFrame;
		int mX, mY, mOldX, mOldY;
		int mBaseNum;									// which sprite base to use

		float mSpeed;
		long mLastUpdate;
I''m getting a Segmentation Parachute error from SDL whenever I call this function. If there''s any more information that you need, just ask. Thanks for your help -------------------------------- The Seishou Project - 1% complete Come support us! It gives us motivation

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Without seeing more of your code, my only guess is that maybe the surface, mscreen, hasn''t been intialized.

I might could help more, if you at least post the code to the init method and the program code that is causing the error.

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// screen is a global SDL_Surface used for SDL_SetVideoMode

p.spr.init(&spr_base[0], screen);

void CSprite::init(CSpriteBase *base, SDL_Surface *screen) {
mBase = base;
if(mBase->mBuilt) { // if this sprite base was loaded and exists

if(mBase->mNumFrames > 1) // if there''s more than 1 frame, it must be animated

mBackreplace = SDL_DisplayFormat(mBase->mAnim[0].image);
mScreen = screen;

// i know for a fact that clearbg() and updatebg() arent the cause

void CEngine::draw_scene() {




Is that enough? :| If you need any clarifications, just say.

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I''m terrible at wrapping my head around the way some people code, so I''m just goingto suggest that you run this in a debugger and see which line of your code causes teh egmentation fault, and then see if you can figure out why. (null pointer, or pointer going off the end of your array, most likely)

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Nevermind. I forgot to set mFrame to 0 when initializing, so the BlitSurface function was failing -_-

Thanks for the input, though!

[edited by - EQRainer on April 5, 2004 8:41:43 PM]

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