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Shit machine? I need you!!!

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Hi, I would like to find a minimum spec machine for my game Parp! If anyone has a shit machine capable of running dx9 games please would you try my game? Basically if the game is running slower than 10 fps it''ll stop working since it''s time based, so any machines running at a constant 11 fps or higher on...let''s say level 1, is a winner! If you could post the spec of your machine I''d very greatful Remember shit machines only Many thanks in advance. Jez PS Get it here: http://www.jeremypardon.com/parp/pages/downloads.html PPS The zip contains the debug version as well as the release but the install doesn''t so is smaller, for those with slow connections

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I just tried it on my system:

950mhz athlon
ATI 9600 SE
640Meg SDRAM

(WinRar Extracting at the same time)

I got around 17 or so fps in full screen. It obviously uses all of the CPU. I will try again when my unzip is finished.

Just tried again, and I realized that it was going so slow (now about 22) because my monitor is on 1600x1200x32bit. If there was an option to change the resolution and bit depth I didn't see it.

I set my monitor to 1024x768x16 and ran your game. Durring menus, it would go around 55fps, and then durring the gameplay, the fps were obiously locked at my screen's refresh rate (30fps ... yeah slow I know)

Anyway, I really liked the game, other than I really didn't get what the goal was... other than to knock the dice off of the island... I mean what goal, upon completion, allows you to proceed to the next level?

Keep it up

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Lol, that''s funny
The idea of the first level is to shoot the black lady birds (temp graphic), a rainbow will appear when you have and you can move onto the next island, there are currently 16 levels. The dice are ammo, their value (number of spots) is the ammount of ammo you get for picking them up. You can''t collect ammo that isn''t in your colour.

To change the resolution and refresh options go the the file menu in the top left of the window. I guess I should say the minimum res for the minimum spec machine should be 640 * 480 so anyone trying it if you can get it to work on a shit machine at 640*480 I''d be much obliged

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