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Two out of the blue compiler problems

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I am using the free Borland C++ compiler for Windows 5.5. First off, it used to do .c files just fine, now it complains that it must be done as C++ because of stdcomp.h I have no idea how it gets included. Second and most problematic, even when using the linker directly, it cannot find ''stlpst.lib''. I have never heard of this file and I have not told the linker to link this file. Help!!

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Well, I don''t know what was wrong but I did fix it. First I deleted the folder containing my compiler and associated goodies, then I found a back up I made last month and copied the same folder from the CD. It works now. Go figure.

Seriously, how does that happen? All of a sudden, things don''t compile and you haven''t changed the environment at all. This is like the second or third time it''s happened in my life and it''s a different change each time.

Updating to the latest lua release(5.0.2) was also a hassle, but I got tired of all the unresolved externals and put all the sources in one file and that worked. I had fiddled with the make file to try and fix the unknown error(the one posted) but I couldn''t get the make file back to its original form.

GLFW programs compile and link now as well. Haven''t tried anything using STL Port 4.6.1 though. Don''t use sdl anymore but they should be fine.


It''s an awesome OpenGL framework. Set up is extremely easy. Has many features that SDL has but is smaller. Doesn''t do audio nor a 2d framebuffer. Does do input, including joysticks. Multi-platform.

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