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ID's for different systems/plugins ?

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Hey again Well, this might be a little stupid question but I'm actually having trouble to choose what kind of identification system to choose for my pluginarchitecture. I have a Single class that loads all the plugins and this class also creates objects from these plugins... so for creating an object from a loaded plugin goes just like the COM system with QueryInterface() ModuleManager->CreateObject("the id"); Now I'm not sure what kind of id to register my objects with. Should I let each of my plugins have a GetID() function and define an ID inside each DLL. But in that case The programmer not knowing anything about this plugin wont know what ID to pass to the CreateObject() function. Only the Creator of that Plugin would know the ID... It's things like that I cant decide... How have you guys done this? Would appreciate some examples [edited by - bilsa on April 6, 2004 6:46:26 AM]

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Personally I just use a string to identify plugins. Others use GUIDs or some sort of other random identifier, which is a Good Thing(tm) when the system will be widely distributed and have lots of people developing plugins, but a bit overkill if it''s just for yourself.

As for only the creator knowing the ID, that probably won''t be as big a deal as you think. Usually you WILL know the ID because you know you need that plugin (for example, a plugin that loads all files with the extension .map could have an ID "MapLoader" or something). In most situations where you don''t know the ID you''re usually asking the user to select the plugin from those available (which your ModuleManager should know no matter what), so in reality the user is telling you the ID.

If you still think you''ll have problems with not knowing the ID provide a bit more info about your design and a case where you think this would be a problem and we''ll give you a hand.

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