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Loading levels with lights...

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Hi, i am currently using direct x model files for my levels, models etc... and just thought of something. I am going to be having a lot of lights in my game, and i dont know how i am going to somehow "load" the light locations and attributes using my current file type. I could switch to an alternative file type for, maybe, just my levels, so that i can include the light locations. Im just searching for ways i could maybe load a file that includes light positions... perhalps i could load a specialized x file with light information, but at this moment i am using 3ds max 5 to export my models and levels, so i dont know how i would go about doing this. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Chris [edited by - pirosan on April 9, 2004 8:52:32 PM]

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I am having the same problem too right now. I thought of a few solutions but have not gotten around to testing them yet. I just thought of 1 right now though.

Have a triangle inside 3ds max with a certain texture, call it light or something. Then as you are looping through the texture file names as you grab them from the X file make a light. As I said I just thought of this literally 10 seconds ago and haven''t tested it yet but it''s worth a try.

I''m sure someone out there has a better idea though.

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