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Mixing MFC with Engine Library

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I''m currently working on developing several tools for my graphics engine (named Spex) in C++. I build staticly linked libraries for my engine, and these have been successfully linked with other projects. Now, I switch to MFC to build these tools, and I can''t link to my libraries. The error I get is "Spex Engine.exe could not be found. Re-installing may fix the problem" but I''m not even referencing Spex Engine.exe anywhere in my app. I''ve linked to the library using the #pragma comment(lib,...) syntax, and have included my engine headers correctly. If I leave out the #pragma line, the linker will complain about unresolved symbols, so I know it''s finding the library and it''s linking correctly. After clicking OK to the "Spex Engine.exe could not..." message, I get another one that says "DLL Could Not Be Found". Does anybody know what''s causing this? I don''t know why my library would be referencing Spex Engine.exe, but what should I do? Any help is greatly appreciated! I''m using Windows XP, Microsoft VC++ 6.0 Enterprise Edition, and I''m trying to get it to work with MFC. Chris Pergrossi My Realm | "Good Morning, Dave"

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You''ll probably need to add a couple of build configurtions to your static libs, I call them "MFC Debug" & "MFC Release". They are almost the same as the Win32 equivalents, except in the build options you need to change (in the Project Settings dialog):

"General->Microsoft Foundation Classes: Use MFC in a shared DLL"
"C/C++->Catagory:Code Generation->Use runtime library:Debug Multithreaded DLL" (for the Debug build, "Multithreaded DLL" for Release).

You can copy your existing "Win32 Debug" and "Win32 Release" configs, rename them and change these two options (I think they''re the only two..)

- Matt

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