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Software rendering an 3d model in C# (without directx or open gl)

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Hi guys , i am new here and registered for one BIG question. I am working on a game (conept at the moment) that will be a bit like Starfox(starwing in the eu) on the SNES. The target platform will be Windows mobile 2003 mobilephones like the Orange E200 and O2 Xphone2. I did a bit of Direct-x a while back. BUT the windows mobile platform doesnt have an direct-x engine or whatsoever. I have been messing with C#'s Graphics object which can draw polygons , but didnt get any further then a 2d object. I really want to be able to Software render 3d graphics, that looks a bit like the image here . Support for a model type which already exists isn't really needed but might be nice. So does anybody either know a way to draw such an 3d object (software maticly) in C# or know of an engine i can use that does this? Also note there is no need for texturing just maybe garaudshading(?) [edited by - ultimasnake on April 10, 2004 8:50:29 AM]

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I don''t know of any engines, but I can recommend a book or two. Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice (might be out of print) is the classic, definitive text on this stuff. Andre LaMothe has also written Tricks of the 3D Game Programming Gurus - Advanced 3D Graphics and Rasterization, which focuses on software rendering.

Another alternative would be to look for a software rendering engine (they''re not that popular these days) written in C# that you can port to Windows Mobile.

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