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Odd problem to debug

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i have this really nasty problem. my program crashes telling me: Stack Overflow. the problem is: (1) the call stack has only few functions. (2) it occurs even BEFORE THE PROGRAM STARTS my code looks something like this: #include "ManyThings.h" int main() { //the problem occurs on this line //somewhere out of my code //where the program is getting //ready to start int x=0; //NOT even this one, it crashes before this line. long y=10; myClass1 z; myClass2 w; //rest of the program return 0; } i noticed one interesting thing, that might help clear out something to someone !!! when commenting the definition of "w", (ie. type myClass2) the problem is gone. .... myClass1 z; //myClass2 w; .... i DONT even have to remove the "myClass2.h" file. NO warnings or errors are issued during builds. this happens BEFORE even calling the myClass2 constructor!! if you put a breakpoint on the "" int main(){ "", the program breaks, but when you place the breakpoint on the next line ( "" int x=0; "" ) it crashes before the breakpoint!!! whats wrong ????!! [edited by - zaidgs on April 10, 2004 4:33:46 PM]

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Put the breakpoint on the MyClass2 constructor. Creation order of statically-allocated variables at the same scope may not be guaranteed by the standard, so it could be a failure within the MyClass2 ctor.

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If you do sizeof(myClass2), what do you get? If myClass2 is sufficiently large, it will crack the stack even before the class constructor is reached. Which yields several solutions: put it on the heap instead, make it smaller, put it''s members on the heap intead, and so on.

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the class constructor is not even called.

SiCrane's suggestion is absolutely right:
sizeof(MyClass2)=23520008 !!!
so big.
i tried to make its size smaller,
(i decreased the bounds of one array)
and yeah, it worked !!!!

thanks SiCrane.

still i have used this class in other applications
without a problem. (one MFC, another Dll)
this one is console application,
could that have caused the problem ?!?!
is it that a console aplication is more
limited on stack space ?!?!
(just want to make my knowledge better,
as my problem is resolved )

[edited by - zaidgs on April 11, 2004 12:24:53 PM]

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