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Disney Visemes

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Hi all, I heard about the Disney visemes(about 13) used to represent different mouth positions during facial animation. Do anybody know where i can download those kind of artworks(simple ones). Thanx!

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There's a copy of one of the classic Disney sheets in this Gamasutra article, as well as some in-depth discussion on the subject. Personally, I don't think the sheet's particularly good as reference... too smiley and too toony. Your best bet is to get a mirror for your workspace. Also, if your animation program allows you to blend phonemes together (sorry, I've never heard anyone use "visemes" before, although it looks like it's technically more correct) or at least use them at lower percentages, I don't think you'll need 13. Depends how precise you want your lipsync to be. Honestly, you can often get away with a fairly rough approximation, as long as the timing's right.

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Thanx Logodae for the link, it was very useful. After multiple links to different pages it helped me find out this software: FaceGen. It''s just incredible.

Talking about the Visemes, the link you gave describes it very well and point out the differences between it and the phonemes

Phonemes and Visemes

No discussion of facial animation is possible without discussing phonemes. Jake Rodgers’s article “Animating Facial Expressions” (Game Developer, November 1998) defined a phoneme as an abstract unit of the phonetic system of a language that corresponds to a set of similar speech sounds. More simply, phonemes are the individual sounds that make up speech...
Fewer facial positions are necessary to visually represent speech since several sounds can be made with the same mouth position. These visual references to groups of phonemes are called visemes...

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