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allegro causing undefined symbol _main link error

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ive had this before but i dont know what i did to fix it anyone have any ideas ?

int main(void)
	allegro_init();             /* initialise the Allegro library */
	install_timer(); // timer init

	install_keyboard(); // keyboard init

	install_mouse(); // mouse init

	install_sound(DIGI_AUTODETECT,MIDI_AUTODETECT,""); // sound init

	set_color_depth(16);                  // sets color depth  

	EDITOR window;
	window.buffer = create_bitmap(640,480);
	window.AppWindow->headerText = "Dialog header";
	window.AppWindow->myCoords.TL.x = 100;
	window.AppWindow->myCoords.TL.y = 100;
	window.AppWindow->myCoords.BR.x = 200;
	window.AppWindow->myCoords.BR.y = 200;
	UTIMER = 0;
	install_int (Tick,1);
		if(key[KEY_ESC]) break;
		if(UTIMER % 5000 == 0)
	return 0;

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1. #include <allegro.h>
2. put END_OF_MAIN() after main (this is required on some platforms (including win32) for allegro to correctly wrap main up)
3. Ensure that it''s correctly linked against Allegro for your platform (read docs)


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well ok allegro.h is included in the GUI and COMPONENTS files and also i just forgot to c/p the end_of_main as the last line of the file i posted it IS there in my code. Finally im using msvc++ 6.0 and have alleg.lib included in the link section of project settings.

now can you see why im so confused ?
any other ideas?

(ps sorry for messing up my original post ala missing information)

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note to MODERATOR:close this thread

ok im a moron :-\ i made a win console app project instead of a win32 app....i altered my project settings and vola instant linkage.

note to other people who have this same problem:::
read the other posts on allegro on these forums its where i found the anwser to my question.

[edited by - vaneger on April 11, 2004 11:00:53 AM]

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