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Problem in finding Angle?

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Hi all, I m studyig about the Character animation in a tutorial. Character rotation is contolled by the mouse move. He is using a float value as angle the character is facing but i can''t understand how he calculated it. Can anybody plz explain it Movex = (TargetPos.x - CuurentPos.x ) / Distance * Speed Movey = (TargetPos.y - CuurentPos.y ) / Distance * Speed MoveZ = (TargetPos.z - CuurentPos.z ) / Distance * Speed YAngle = atan2(MoveX, Movez);----->How XAngle = -atan(MoveY);----->How Thanks

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it's basic trig.

to find the angle around the Y axis, it's like projecting your entities on the (X, Z) plane. then using trig, the angle required to rotate the ship towards the target,

tan(angle) = moveX / moveZ

=> angle = atan(moveX / moveZ);

atan2 is better, as it gives you quadrant as well.

for the angle around the X axis (the pitch angle),

tan(xangle) = movey / sqrt(movex*movex + movez*movez)

assuming (movex*movex + movez*movez) = 1

xangle = atan(movey)

the sign depends which way you want the ship to pitch up.

draw that stuff on paper. it's easier. first, draw it from the top (the piece of paper is the (X, Z) plane).

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