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I just wanted to say thanks to everyone on the forums for all of the help. Since I''ve started in game development, I''ve made quite a few gadgets and tools to assist me. I thought I would share them, if anyone wants such things. Feel free to recode or change them to suit your needs. Here''s what they do. If anyone wants something, let me know and I''ll upload it or it''s source onto my (yuck) geocities website. They are all small, but the Windows Tools use MFC.
Text Parser Thing I just finished this. It''s a pure source code object (not a program). It will read data from text (text files or whatever), and fill variables in a game object for you. It works like this:
// In the text file, you have something like this:

Type			EqSWORD
Name			"Iron Short Sword"
Image			"KCELL_WEAP_A_SWORD_Default.bmp"
Palette			"PAL_Default.PspPalette"
HitPoints		2000

// Then, in code, you write something like this:

KTextVars Vars; // The parser thing

// This adds variable Type under label "Type"

Vars.AddVar32("HitPoints",&HP.Max); // same here

// Same here, but strings

// These add #define values, or any number you wish

// to give a name

// This processes everything and fills all

// variables with data in text

It can also turn specific bitflags on within variables, etc. I just didn''t include that in the example. I''m still working on the safeness of it, so it''s not quite ready to be used for a "settings INI-type file" for users to fill out. However, if you need something to create objects for your program without hard coding or writing an editor, it''s totally safe and very useful.
Image Cruncher This will process a list of 8/24-bit bmp files, find the maximum possible cropping potential with a given transparent color, and crop all of the images. It scans borders of all images, and uses minimum for each side. Great for renders from a 3D program. Made with MFC.
Sprite Compiler Very similar to the image cruncher, except it crops ALL images to maximum possible amount. It stores images in a different format, though, because it saves the cropped numbers into the file. If these numbers are added to the bitmap drawing offsets in-game, it''s as if you never cropped them. In other words, they still line up correctly. Format is rather primitive, but source code would allow you to save in any format.
Cell Compiler I have a lot of these, eh? This will take a single image which contains individual cells within it (using a specific color-border around each cell), and do the same thing as the sprite compiler with each cell, storing them all in a list within a single file. The cells in the main image can be any size, and in any location. Their sizes do not have to match each other. It will scan left-right, top-bottom, so list order is predictable. Right now, this is in my datafile program, but I can build an MFC version if someone wants it. If you just want the source, I can hand the datafile routine right over.
FNamer Misc tool you can use to rename a lot of files. Just drag some files into it, and type a few things. It can Replace, Prefix, and Suffix. It''s MFC.
Input Config Uses DirectInput 9 to configure input devices. It uses a text settings-file which you use to fill out the game-specific controls, then it acts accordingly. This would probably require some modifications to save the configure file in a format for your game.
TGA Tool #1 Seperates 8 bit alpha mask from 24 bit color image in a list of 32 bit TGA files that you drag into it. Masks are saved as 8 bit BMP files, color data is saved as 24 bit BMP files. It uses MFC.
TGA Tool #2 Same as Sprite Compiler, but works with 32-bit masked TGA files. It uses the mask to determine transparency, cropping off all 0''s, saving the images in a list file with their offsets. It''s also MFC. I think that''s about it. Let me know if anyone wants something. I may have problems uploading zip files and such to GeoCities. If so, I can email to you directly, or post source code here (if that''s okay with GameDev??). None of the programs are larger than around 100KB.

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