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fluid dynamics: bounderies in projection step

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Hi I''m currently working on implementing a wind simulator based on Jos Stam paper "Stable Fluids" (1999), but i''m having problem with understanding the boundery conditions in the projection step. Could anyone point me to some litterature where this is discussed in details. In particular I would like something about how to handle internal boundaries to objects inside a fluid. Maag00 Maag

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Boundary conditions in fluid simulation is a deep and tricky subject. What is your level of physics education? Is Stam using Dirichlet or Neuman B.C.''s?

Graham Rhodes
Principal Scientist
Applied Research Associates, Inc.

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He's using Neuman BC (dp/dn = 0)
However I got lucky and found an article by Nick Foster and Ronald Fedkiw (Practical Animation of Liquids). Here they discuss the things that I were uncertain about and I have decided just to copy their approach.
I have fairly good idea about what I'm doing so I'll just leave it with that
But thanks any way for your intrest.

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