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OpenGL opengl+gdk = evil...

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wanna do a small editor which displays a small preview of the map i''m doing using opengl. to speed up deving i take gtk+. i already looked at the source of some other small app doing similar but my problem still persists. i''ve got a drawable area widget which hosts as the window for rendering the scene into (same as in the other app). whenever i render the scene under the "expose" event the scene is rendered but immediatly GTK overwrites my window with black (the window background color)... WTF?! somebody worked already with gtk+ and opengl without additional toolkits and got it to work?

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Have you tried to set the widget to "app paintable" (with gtk_widget_set_app_paintable and true, you can only do it after the widget is realized, which you can force with gtk_widget_realize). You''re not really suppose to draw on widgets except during a widget''s real expose handler (i.e., by making a custom widget), but that should enable it.

Try the gtk-app-devel mailing list if GameDev isn''t too helpful.

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thx for the tip but i found out what it was. i stumbled by luck over it. widgets are double buffered and the opengl drawing didn't end up in this double buffer.
gtk_widget_set_double_buffered(GTK_WIDGET(p_wnd), FALSE);
that did the job

EDIT: but that app-drawable sounds nice too. have to try it out perhaps sometimes else. i know there will once come the time i've to port my model editor over to GTK (*shruggs*)... anyways...

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