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What Game Engine to use?

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Hi people! So, I''m beginning on developing a "Virtual Pet" for my Project on Computer Science. Already chose Blender3D for modeling, and still don''t know if I''m using Java or C++. (I personally would choose C++, but my supervisor wants me to use Java). Ok, real problem is, we want to use a Game Engine to help the developing, and it''s been a real pain to find one. So, think of the project as a 3D screenmate with more interaction, and if you can, please help me finding a nice Game Engine? A comprehensive listing with scores and short description would be very nice also... In fact, anything that might help me would be nice... Thankz!

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my suggestion, would be to write your own, but if you need to download one, google usually works, but that link drowner game, doesnt work, or else that would probably be the best place to go.

[edit] heres the real url that url works for some reason

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