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best way to learn DX

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having done a lot of work with DX 7, mainly with directdraw, and tons of opengl, i want to finally learn DX 9. in your experience, what is the best way ot go about this? eg books, online tutorials, etc. any input would be appreciated.

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Since you already know openGL, you should already know a lot of graphics theory, so Direct3D should not be incredibly difficult for you to learn (since it's just another API). I recommend that you check out any of the websites listed here. Also, the SDK Docs have some decent intro tutorials.

However, if you want to get into shaders, I would go out and get the Shader X2 books.

Dustin Franklin
Mircrosoft DirectX MVP

[edited by - circlesoft on April 11, 2004 9:21:53 PM]

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I came from OGL too, and had no problems picking it up. Like circlesoft implied, once you know the theory a new API is easy. D3D isn''t as good an API in general as OGL IMHO, but the D3DX library makes it better for writing games as it can do a lot of things much easier than OGL. Try the tutorials at - they should bring you up to speed pretty quickly. Buying a book would probably be a waste considering you already know the theory and have experience with OGL.

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