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Installation problems

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Ok, so my friend decided to try out Slackware 9.0 as his first Linux distro. (no comments on ths please, I''m helping him). I gave him my ISO image (which works, just made it the other day and used it to install Slacky on my old comp). He''s got a Dell 8200 that originally had windows xp home on it. We formatted it, and put in the Slackware CD and shut it off. A few minutes later we booted up but only got the blinking white cursor at the top left of the screen. We tried to do it on his other ocmputer (also a Dell) but nothing happened at all. It''s not a bad CD cause it boots up on my computer. What''s wrong? The CD-ROM drive is working fine cause we were playing CD''s on it. Is it the way Dell makes their computers?
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This happened to me when I was making linux boot disks using Nero, and chose the make boot disk option instead of just burn image - don''t think that''s your problem though

You should be able to make a Slackware boot floppy though, so try that

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