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3D View Frustum

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I''m trying to figure out how to determine if something is inside/oustide my view frustum. I''m rather horrible at the math involved, and the DX SDK Cull example has been no help to me whatsoever. Does someone know where I might find a more real-world example of this? Some actual code or detailed pseudocode that demonstrates how to create the view frustum from a camera point, and a Look-At point, and then how to test if a point/sphere is inside this... Sorry, I know theres a lot of information out there, and I''ve been reading all I can find, but it all gets into some technical maths that I could learn better if I could see in action.

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Thanks! That tutorial explains thing a little more at my level than everything else I've found. I've just got a few quick questions about the OpenGL implimentation of it however (I've never used OpenGL so I'm not 100% clear).

It appears that OGL uses a 16 element single-dimension float array as a Matrix. So when converting, would this be equal:

OGLMatrix[0] == DXMatrix._11
OGLMatrix[1] == DXMatrix._12
OGLMatrix[2] == DXMatrix._13
OGLMatrix[3] == DXMatrix._14

OGLMatrix[4] == DXMatrix._21
OGLMatrix[5] == DXMatrix._22

Everything else makes sense to me, but I want to get the internal logic down right before I really start playing with any actual code.

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