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Managed DirectX with C++ or C# or ...

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Hello, I am looking at rewriting my existing C++ application (real time scientific simulation) to use DirectX. Currently it uses a proprietary graphics library which in turn is based on openGL. I have only minimal experience with DirectX and am therefore tempted by the easier to use managed directX. However, all documentation and examples on managed directX deal with C#. I am not too worried about learning a new language but I am worried about all my existing C++ code. Does anyone have any thought on what the best tactics would be ? I can basically see 3 scenarios: 1. managed directX + (managed) C++ 2. managed directX + C# + managed C++ wrapper classes for my current code) 3. normal directX + C++. If anyone has tips on what the best choice would be and how to go about it I would appreciate this a lot. Rog.

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I''d go with #1 or #2 ... you need to keep your existing code, so "elevate" it to managed status (prob. easiest through managed interfaces) and then write the DX code on top in managed C++ / C#...

However, you say real-time scientific simulation, could knock the real-time out of your title if you do too much heavy conversion

You may well be better off just writing native-C++ DX9. It aint that hard really, the biggest difference I find (with managed DX) is that the naming conventions are a lot simpler and it covers over a few minor technicalities - but nothing HUGELY different.


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