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#Includes and where to

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I have been working with D3D for some time and always followed the SDK framework and put all includes in the .cpp source files. I believe this is more compiler effecient, or so I''ve read. Anyway, I have transported myself back in time and have started using DirectDraw7. I am using the exact same Windows application as used for D3D, when using D3D I include the d3d9.h header file as usual in the base class source file and no problems. Yet when I put the ddraw.h header file include in the base class source file, it does not pick it up. The code is fine and it should work. So I put the ddraw.h header include in the base class .h header file. It picked up, compiled succesfully and run without a hitch. Is this something to do with the ddraw.h/ddraw.lib files. Is it something to do with my compiler path setup? Why is it only happening with ddraw.h? Anyone out there help?

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On the whole it is better to try and place your includes in cpp files as it prevents twisted dependecies, and *should* compile faster. You can use forward declarations and the like to refrence objects you might need.

Of course sometimes its required to place a header in a header, and thats fine too, just try to avoid it if its not required.

If you don''''t gosub a program loop you''''ll never get a sub-routine - Kryten Red Dwarf

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