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Ten Nights of Killing and Mayhem

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When we were in high school, we made up this wicked board game involving demonic teachers and the elitists students who had to kill them. Each teacher has unique powers, which made it a new playing experience every time. A friend of mine converted it into a DOS-based video about 8-10 years ago. The gameplay is turn-based and similar to the X-Com series of games (turn-based where a single-player controls the entire team). I''ll be the first to admit that we have a serious case of "programmer art" too . Anyway, the game was posted/reviewed on Mobygames and Home of the Underdogs. For fun, I have recently ported this game to Windows using SDL. We''ll be continuing to improve this game''s user interface, work on the balance of the teachers, updating the graphics/sounds/music with something more approximating today''s standards and adding features over the next little while. This is an amateur project with a retro style (320x200 graphics mode!), but I think the game is still quite fun and challenging. Anyway, we''d like some feedback so if you''ve got some time, download it here. Use the number keypad (2,4,6,8) to move around, 7 and 9 turn the player in place, 5 skips the player''s turn. The ''u'' key uses items (such as fountains, telephones, fire extinguishers). The ''a'' key attacks. The interface is also mouse-driven, but I don''t recommend the mouse for moving about the map as it''s pretty clunky. Two command-line options at this time are: -w Windowed mode instead of fullscreen -s Autosave mode ON by default FYI: There is still at least one obscure AI bug from the original code that occasionally crops. I recommend turning "Auto Save" on from the Options button (big ''O'') or command-line in case the game freezes due to this bug. I''m trying to hammer it down, but the code is very spaghetti-like in nature Anyway, appreciate any feedback. Regards Jeff
[ CodeDread ]

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