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Need some already made Skeletons...

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I have Truespace6.6 and im haveing trouble makeing a decent skeleton...does anyone have any skeletons that i can import into Truespace(it has to be compatable/correct format)..it would help abit.I already tried importing a Milkshape 3D 1.7 UT Skeleton but its the wrong format. [edited by - BES on April 12, 2004 4:17:53 PM]

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Contact me at : vggdh@yahoo.com .I have some skeletons for you.I will send you the login and password to one of our servers , from where you can download them.
An advice : do not use anymore TrueSpace , it''s just crap.You will get nowhere with that software...
If you don''t have enough money to bouy 3DS , use Blender.It''s free.You can take it from here : http://www.blender3d.org/Download/ .

Best regards!

It''s nice to be important , but is more important to be nice...
Visit us at : www.vector_graphics.6x.to.
You will see nice thing to do!

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An Advice: do not use anymore blender . it´s confusing to use. do not use anymore maya, it crashes all the time, do not use ...

for truespace and leading to nowhere: sure, ts is partially crap. but ts is still very useful for modelling . and there are plugins for those crappy areas.

for the bones and the native ik tools for example ,which are still buggy and became useless in the newest version.
even after two service packs. no clue what caligari has thought when they developed it.
this caligari bastards have awaydeveloped some useful features. and they have even awaydeveloped a workaround for a bug instead of the bug. and the cliptool only produces nonsense ... and so at this point: agreed. this is crap in truespace.

so don´t even try to animate a skeleton with ts 6.6´s native ik tools and bones. that´s my advice. use a plugin .

there is a plugin called motion studio ,wich is very useful ... you can find it at the primitive itch homepage.

my little coin for "use this , don´t use that" :
there are still people around which are working with pov ray . with good results ...
so it´s never the tool, but the one with the mouse and the keyboard ...

tilesets games sprites

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