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running executables in C#

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hi everyone. i wanted to ask about how to run an executbale from C# using threads. i am develping an application for a pocket pc using the emulator is C# and using the .NET framework. The process class is not supported for windows ce. thanks bob

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Original post by CoffeeMug

None of those(on the first page, anyway) answers how to do it using the Compact Framework.

How about P/Invoking ShellExecute or CreateProcess? Are those Win32 functions available on CE?

A P/Invoke declaration for ShellExecute looks something like this:

public static extern int CreateProcess( string appName,
string commandLine, IntPtr processAttributes,
IntPtr threadAttributes, bool inheritHandles, int creationFlags,
IntPtr environment, string currentDir, ref STARTUP_INFO si,

[StructLayout ( LayoutKind.Sequential )]
public IntPtr hProcess;
public IntPtr hThread;
public int dwProcessId;
public int dwThreadId;

[StructLayout ( LayoutKind.Sequential )]
public struct STARTUP_INFO
public int cb;
public string reserved;
public string desktop;
public string title;
public int wX;
public int wY;
public int xSize;
public int ySize;
public int xCountChars;
public int yCountChars;
public int fillAttributes;
public int flags;
public short showWindow;
public short cbReserved2;
public byte lpReserved2;
public IntPtr stdInput;
public IntPtr stdOutput;
public IntPtr stdError;

(Yes, I had it readily available. Thanks to Colin, who actually wrote it).

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