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Help with optimization

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I am relatively new to openGL and programming in general so I need some help with my program, a pong clone in openGL. I cannot figure out timing and display differences from computer to computer. I have posted in the forums a few times and also read a bunch of nehe''s tutorials on the subject but cannot solve this one myself. Is there anyone out there helpful enough to volunteer to help optimize this code and teach me what I have done wrong? I think I might have very poor structure as well (code in the wrong places). If anyone would be kind enough to go through it, let me know and I will e-mail the code. I am only asking this because I think when I look at the changed code I will better understand how to write everything else in the future. Thanks to anyone who will "take me under their wing". j_fish_

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Although what you''re asking for is quite huge I might be able to take a glance at your code and tell you maybe the one or other thing ...

Don''t expect too much, I guess nobody''s gonna go through thousands of lines of someone else''s code in detail *fg*.

Anyways, you can contact me via ICQ if you like!


--si tacuisses, philosophus mansisses--

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