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Finding files on comp?

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Hey guys is there a way to use ifstream with directories IE: C:\Hello.txt?? When i try to implement it into the ifstream function it obviously gives me an error due to needed quotes in the argument list. this is what ive tried and i get nothing: int main() { string s; ifstream in("C:''\''Hello.txt"); getline(in, s); cout << s; return 0; } thats a simple example and i just cant grab that file out of c: any suggestions? thanks!

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The backslash character is used to indicate an escape sequence in a string. To include a single or double quote in a string, you''d do:
"This is a single quote: \'', while this is a double quote:\"" 

Obviously, this makes it difficult to include a literal backslash in a string. You have to escape the backslash thus:
"This is a Windows path: \"C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Visual Studio\"" 

Alternatively, you can use a forward slash for paths. C (and thus C++) has a Unix heritage, so it interprets Unix-styled paths correctly:
ifstream fin("C:/Documents and Settings/Oluseyi/My Documents/Bah.txt"); 

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thanks i beleive its finding the file but now i seem to have some logic errors. what im attempting to do is read from a text file and print a string from it onto my console. this isnt making sense because when i simply do:

ifstream in("Hello.txt");

to open in a read format i can easily store a string and print to the console when Hello.txt is in the Debug/Project folder. the problem presents itself when I try to locate a file (Hello.txt embedded within C: ) and read from it, I get a blank string output (as if nothing is in the file) when there actually is text. what am i doing? thanks.

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Simple Explanation Of Code:

#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
#include <string>

using namespace std;

void main() {

char choice;

ifstream in("C:/Program Files/Hello.txt/");

string s;

getline(in, s);
cout << s << endl;
cout << "ending enter a character..." << endl; //Irrelivent dont pay attention to this

cin >> choice; // or this :)


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Try removing the trailing slash. i.e.:
ifstream in("C:/Program Files/Hello.txt");

The way you have it may be trying to open a directory named Hello.txt.

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