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MCPP..... This really scares me

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http://www.penguinpros.com/Viewpoints/TollRoadAhead.html If this really takes off, then we can kiss the OSS movement goodbye. Welcome to the new totalitarian MS world. Sorry, I''m down a bit after reading this.

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After skimming the document breifly I thusly form opinions and spew them forth...

So it sounds like MS wants to charge for other OS's to communicate with it. My God, what another great tool to promote OSS.

Many companies, and even entire governments across the world are getting really leary of MS's hostile tactics, tricks,over-abundance of licenses, and proprietory crap to suck every dollar from budgets around the world. Many run alternate OSs and systems as well as Microsoft stuff.

OSS software, as a rule, always conforms to standards. If you're system uses the standard protocol, it will work with my system, regardless of what I am running. What IT department that shows any level of competency will select protocols (and thus anyone who uses those protocols) that are not standard and subject to change at a moments notice, breaking communication with anyone elses system? (not to mention an increase in security problems, a larger TCO, and virus/worm city).

Thats my opinion, I could be wrong. Probably am, but alas, its still my opinion, and I stand by it.


[edited by - debaere on April 13, 2004 8:11:19 AM]

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