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Huge world fantasy RTS/RPG epic game!

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Hy there! Quote : "The big game development companies do not take in account the gamers needs and suggestions , releasing only commercial games on the market." My name is Vulpe Alexandru , and I am the representative of Vector Graphics Games Development House.Our aim is to make games suited to the gamers needs.And this is the reason of this thread. For about three years now we have in development a game project named Project 3a , wich is a RTS.Recently , we have decided to switch to a less commercial , more deeply designed game , wich will descent from Project 3a , and in addition of RTS , it will have RPG influences.Or viceversa... Anyway , we hope to create one of the best RPG worlds , but we could not do that without your help , the gamers!We hope to transform the game into an epic quest game of proportions , and hope you will enjoy this. This project is named Project 3d , and will have a special section dedicated to it on our site soon.Our official site is located at : . For communication , you can use this thread , our mail : or our guestbook. Who is wellcomed to contribute to this great proportions open free project?Anyone , from simple gamers to graphic artists , people that have no knowledge about game design , but have an ideea that want to share , people that just want to contribute to some project and want to see their ideeas implemented , or people hwo just got bored at home and have the inspiration and will to do something creative... About the world : - the world will be a fantasy world with all it implies , from fairyes to knights and princesses that wait to be rescued - the world will be comprised from 9 maps of 1024x1024 locations each , wich means that the full size of the world will be of 3072x3072 locations - at least 9 well maded races with their own units to build and heroes to lead - a throng of additional quests to accomplish (and this is the fun part) - non linear campaign - more endings possible for the campaigns What we need : - name of the world (the name will be chosed from the ones send by you , after voting) - number , type and description of the races - current races are : humans , elves , dwarves , three dark race , maybe halflings , 2 races of barbarians and mages - description and history for each race and for the possible new ones - units proposed for each race - short suggestive description for each unit and the unit stats (HP , power , skills , characteristics) , you don''t need to made the data system , it''s already maded , we need only suggestive stats for the units - short descriptive stories , description and stats for the heroes of each race - units and heroes of the neutral races (because , there will be neutral with an active part in the quests) - the epic story for the campaigns for each race existent on the land , including additional quests , and different endings and beginings for each campaign , we hope that each campaign will have atleast 8 chapters (not needing to be of the same author and with the same heroes) - as much as possible additional quests to solve , independent of the campaigns - locations and stories , additional random casted quests - spells and spellcraft short description and powers - weapons and magic items , short suggestive description and stats - graphics and artwork you can create or you have created for other projects , also if you have not the skill but you have seen something interesting on the net , related to this project you can use it as samle , giving credits to the original holder - the same for sounds - for all the big size uploads , we will use one of our servers , for wich you will get the login info at the proper time - use any source of inspiration you wish , but do not copy anybody''s works without permission - entire stories writen by you or others , even if they are not adapted for a game - if you don''t have the skill to write a full story , but you have a lot of scatered ideeas , for wich you have not the time and will to develop , send them , could be developed by others as additional quests - give any other suggestions we haven''t think of until now - any suggestions about gameplay and comparison to other games gameplay will be wellcome How it will work : - you will post anything you can from all the above here , on our guestbook , our official mail located at : or on one of our servers (for big size uploads) - there will be constructed a free open source section on our official site dedicated to this project , based on what you will send to us and post here , and also our additional base artworks and ideeas - you can consult at any time the database dedicated to this project , located on the same section on our site as for the project itself - you can consult at any time the database as a source of inspiration for new stories , graphics and others related to the project - the database will contain anything related to the project , including your own contributions , wich means , the realm description , stories , quests , races , units ,heroes , locations , description of the lands , history , weapons , items and spells - you don''t need to create all from begining to the end , you can come just with undeveloped ideeas (the begining) , you can take the others ideeas from the database and develop them (the continuation) , you can polish and finish the ideeas developed by others (the ending) or you can do any ofe the three steps in any order or quantity (2-3 steps per person) - the term ideea from above reffers to anything from this : units , heroes , weapons , stories , spells , quests , items , description of any of them , graphics (finished or just sketches) , sound , or any other proposals that can come to your mind - the section will be updated daily , if the amount of informations received will permit it - you don''t need to do an entire step at a time , you can just do a revision ideea to somebody else , put another quest , item ,a new spell , correct or modify a phrase , a story or quest , give birth to a new location or just improve the others ones What you could get : - the project it''s a free one , so you will get no payment - you will get credits for all what you have done for the project - if the project turns to be a commercial one , anyone hwo has contributed to it will be rewarded as regarded to his/her work - a lot of fun and the joy to see something done by you or with your help - the pleasure of seeing your name in the credits section of a great game (because all that contributed to the project , no matter their contribution will get their names displayed on the credits of the game) - experience and the pleasure to work and share with others - this could be a launching ramp for you , or it might get you another clients for your buisiness , if run one And , not at the last , altough we have some experienced programmers , web designers , level designers , designers , sound designers , artists and 3D artists , additional ones are at any time wellcome. Do not let this opportunity pass from you , because next time you will canot say that the game development companies are not taking in account the gamers needs... Hope to hear from you soon! Best regards! It''s nice to be important , but is more important to be nice... Visit us at : You will see nice thing to do!

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