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Blue Skies Always Bring Tommorow - Story and Character Profiles

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Far in the future Earth has become highly populated and Crime has soared to new Levels. The Hakashima Corperation is now in command of most of the worlds buissness and politics (Like Food, TV, Homes ect.). In search of true power and unlimited energy the Hakashima Corperation Covers the planet with a Giant Metal sheild with solar panels on the outside. The people oddly dont react to this very much yet there are a few who think otherwise. The few that object to this Form groups that hope to Destroy the planet sheild and bring down Hakashima. These ''Destruction Groups'' become popular with protesters and looters and a few of them lose sight of their goal. Yet a few still remain faithful to their cause and for one group (The Sky Eagles) their dream is just a little bit closer than it was before. They hope to bring down the sheild and liberate the planet but most importaint of all is the fact that a Blue sky may Come tommorrow. Characters: Playable Characters ---------------------------------------------------------------- Morgan Reeves: A Femme Fatal on a Mission to Set the Earth Free. (One of the Sky Eagles) - Female Citizen Number 783214: A orphan raised by Hakashima who seeks to repay the pain that they have caused him (NOTE: Hakashima Orphans are givven numbers instead of names and are kept in isolation until they are 18 - there is no adoption program) - Male Jesse Lopez: A good freind of Morgan and a great shot with a AK - Female NPCs ---------------------------------------------------------------- Akira Hakashima: Head of the Hakashima Corperation and enemy of the Sky Eagles. Justin Baxter: Morgans Boyfreind and a spy for Hakashima Kelly Lopez: Jesse''s Younger sister who lives with her in the hideout Abe Henchey: A old man who usualy gives the team a hint on what to do next. Combat ---------------------------------------------------------------- The combat has influances from other games Shenmue: Button Bashing Battles The Bouncer: Level up System Dead or Alive: Smashable Area''s Devil May Cry: Super Fast High Action Battles. Type of Game ---------------------------------------------------------------- Third Person Action Game with A Camera always centered behind you. Comments?

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Nice title, but if you surrounded the earth with metal plates all the plants would die from lack of sunshine and then all the people would die from lack of oxygen produced by the plants.

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I''m sort of stuck on the shield myself. Why do they need a shield? I''m assuming we''re really talking metal plates, interlocked, in orbit above the planet; probably with some sort of access/entry portals, maybe manned defensively.

Forgetting the amount of metal it would take to create such a "shield" (and for it to be hard to destroy, that would mean an LOT of metal) why do they need it? Why not a series of solar arrays to collect energy from the sun? Doesn''t "Bubblegum Crisis" have a similar structure in space, with a bridge/cable running from the space platform to the planetary surface? You don''t have to encase the planet, that''s overkill.

You need to justify it. Your story-populace may blindly accept it, but you need your readers to accept it - and right now, I don''t think anyone is.

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I dunno... seems to me these big evil corporations always try to encase the world in something. Giant metal shields, spirit-energy-draining reactors, operating systems, sentient cow semen...

Still, it hardly makes any sense. For one thing, the lack of natural sunlight would kill plants (as stated before) and would probably do a number on us humans too (I read a study where lack of sunlight would make people really weak and unhealthy). Furthermore, the complete isolation from the sun would cause the temperature to drop pretty fast. And what would happen if there''s evaporation? Hopefully the condensation wouldn''t harm whatever electrical equipment the panels use to generate artificial sunlight and bioengineered plant-gasses...

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I''ve had it up to here with these damn rickets!" - Homer J. Simpson

Yeah, cutting off all sunlight would be a world-ending event. Try this for a back story:

---Juicers of the Sun---

In 2100, the world''s human population approaches 10 billion. Biodiversity is down to a few thousand species, mostly parasites, scavengers and man-eating beasts. Poverty is universal, disease is pandemic, crime is rampant and scientific progress grinds to a halt as more primordial needs become salient. Governments are replaced by the more rigidly organized military and corporate entities that have survived, which rule through tyranny and consumerism, respectively. Humans can''t even get their act together long enough to have a nuclear holocaust. Mankind needs a miracle.

In this condition, the solar system is discovered by an interstellar species of technologically advanced prospectors. They gather resources in the outer planets first, but when they find sentient life on earth, and nuclear capable life, at that, they begin implementing measures to gain access to the resources of Earth without sparking off a nuclear conflict that will irradiate the surface of the planet, rendering the resources inaccessible for thousands of years.

First, they infiltrate the highest levels of the corporate-military order of the world, promising profit to the businessmen and weapons to the soldiers. They introduce a new kind of technology, and a new kind of energy, called "sunjuice". It''s contained in a high-density power cell, varying in size from that of a flashlight battery to that of a large building. They only way to fill these cells is by channelling raw radiant energy through a magnetic funnel. The best source of radiant energy in the solar system is the Sun, naturally, and so they set up giant "sun juicers" throughout the surface of the planet, and start to produce technology.

The vast majority of humans are still wholly unaware of the alien influence. They believe that these developments are the result of human research.

Their advances increase the carrying capacity of the land a millionfold. Hunger fades as new agro-generators convert sunjuice directly into a wide variety of human-edible foodstuffs. Poverty fades as a new wealth, combined with advanced systems of redistribution and rationing, brings comfort and plenty to all. When the alien-run "New Earth Government" proposes the erection of a "macro sunjuicer", the proposition is met with unequivocal assent.

The human population is organized into ten megalopoli, massive, multi-level domed cities set on and under the planet''s surface at the vertices of an icosahedron (the polar vertices are left unoccupied). Some are set in stone, others are anchored in oceans. Each has a stable population of one billion inhabitants. Properties of the food supply and the social conditioning program control population growth, and this same control system begins gradually to reduce the overall human population, with the goal of extinction within three generations. The risk of thermonuclear contamination of the planet prevents the aliens from attempting to exterminate humanity in one fell swoop.

Next, construction of the macro sunjuicer begins. It is a sphere of material that totally surrounds the earth, in a high orbit to maximize surface area. It has three layers.

Outer Layer: The outer layer is a simple defense grid, consisting of a few thousand drones. Each has a sunjuicer and nanorepair system, giving them indefinite service time. They spot incoming matter and deflect it with graviton beams, preventing their destruction by asteroids or surface-fired weapons. They also use their gravity pumps to tweak the static orbit of the macrojuicer, when the idiosyncrasies of Earth''s orbit disrupt its perfect alignment.

Middle Layer: The middle layer is a thin energy matrix that serves as a fiber optic funnel, channeling solar radiation to ten foci, each one located directly over a city, at which points the sun''s energy is projected to the surface of the planet as a single coherent beam, to be collected by a macrojuicer that powers the city. Each city is equipped with energy projectors that create and maintain this layer.

Inner Layer: The inner layer is a thin mylar membrane with a 99.8% reflectivity. Any light that is not gathered by the middle layer is reflected back by this one, sending it back through the energy matrix and considerably improving the overall yield of the system. Also maintained by nanobots and the outer layer, this layer is practically indestructible, unless it loses its orbit and falls into the atmosphere to be vaporized in a few moments.

Now the Earth is mostly frozen wasteland, with ten oases, joined by supersonic rail lines. Air, food and water are created from sunjuice using energy-matter converters, and the same technology perfects recycling, making the domed cities entirely self-sufficient. Meanwhile, the aliens are busily strip-mining the poles, and converting that matter to energy beams that they project back to their artificial planet. They also steal the moon in this way, but since biodiversity is gone and any kind of watershed is already frozen, nobody notices.

There, that''s the best I can do in one hour. Not a bad justification for a largely absurd premise, if I do say so myself.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Cough, cough, whoops, cough, cough.

I think this VERY storyline has been done, albeit not in a game format.

Point in case:

Very, very similar feeling and motif - especially with the sky idea, and the giant sun-blocking dome thing.

Once again, Korea beats us to the punch...


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Simpsons did it!

Now seriuosly, I thought of it as some sort of 3D Geosphere, where each "vertice" would be a panel, so its not like casing, but rather a mesh, sure, it won''t block the sun completelly but may dim sunlight, think of it as looking thru a semi transparent cloth.

Now I think you should simplify the plot a bit more, you give too much explanation on it, and it really doesn''t tell much, a plot should be short and simple, something like "Aliens take over the world, the only thing that can destroy them is a rare gem that you must find by entering some sacred caves", then you write the actual story, with details and what not, but the plot should be short, and hopefully interesting enoght to have people tell you "ok, I am interested, tell me more"


Aeon Games

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Whoa. Wonderful Days looks awesome! It says 2003, but is it available in the States? I'd like to see that one. It would also be sweet as a video game. Just the little motorcycles and the hoverpods and the rifles would make for a rockin' game.

Edit: Back on topic, simple cloud cover would probably be sufficient. Make it smog or something, so the sky is always a sickly yellow, and reveal that the evil corporation actually generates this smog, not as a byproduct of industryk, but intentionally, to keep people's spirits down and prevent innovation and revolution. You just have to shut down the plants that are cranking it out, and it'll clear up in a month or so. It'll be sort of like the Prozium plants in Equilibrium, but more visual.

[edited by - Iron Chef Carnage on April 14, 2004 11:13:29 AM]

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*mental flashback to Soylent Green and Logan''s Run*

yeah, I myself haven''t really seen anygames that toy with domes surrounding the earth and stuff. If there is a good way to do it, I would suggest something like this...

The world is finally polluted to the point where people HAVE to live under the cover of domes, which surround the major cities. Smaller towns and the like are abandoned quickly, as everyone moves into the domed cities. In reality, this is a unilateral move by world governments to inhibit the population growth of the civilians. These people were glad to give up their fresh air and green grass, so long as they were given a large apartment, giant TV, etc. Freedom traded for convienence and technology.

Since everyone is now living hapily in the cities, the government now steps in and recultivates the empty world with all the foodstuffs necessary for a world population, that it could not previously have produced because of the lack of space. Would people prefer to live outside of the domes, surrounded by this beautiful garden? of course. In order to keep people living in the domes, the people have all been genetically engineered to not survive outside, be it the sun, the food, or whatever. Plus, security drones, tracking devices, etc.

really, all that is just setting. your plot is your own, so go with that.

my question is, if it will be 3rd person, fast action, etc. etc., how will you do that if the domes are so crowded and the like? I mean, there probably wouldn''t reasonably be bazookas, flamethrowers, etc. right? Just some things to consider...

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OKAY okay...i would like to point out that i have no bloody idea what BubbleGum Crisis is but i will fix the story:

Far in the future Earth has become highly populated and Crime has soared to new Levels.
The Hakashima Corperation is now in command of most of the worlds buissness and politics (Like Food, TV, Homes ect.).
Until a time the people trusted Hakashima until a group of People claimed that Hakashima was Evil and was hiding somthing from the public.
More protests occur and soon the City is plunged into a 24/7 Warzone.
With the Death-Toll rising Hakashima decides that since the world is distracted from Hakashima they can experiment with the earth.
They release a Chemical into the atomosphere and it produces a everlasting layer of thick cloud that takes away the blue of the sky and the true strengh of the sun.
Three years pass and the Riots are getting more extreme and groups of people decide to bring down Hakashima - these groups are now known as Destruction Groups and they are on a course to Bring down Hakashima and right the world once more.
The question is Why Hakashima did this and why do they continue to do nothing for the riots and the sky.
Either way it is assured that A blue sky will bring tommorow.

P.S. I want it to be called ''Blue Skies Always Bring Tommorow'' because It sounds really cool and There has not been a game with such a long title.

Also i want you to ask me what you think of the story on a scale of 1 - 10.
If you have qestion please put them in a Numbered coulum becase i can not be sure of what you really want to ask me somtimes.

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