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CS skeleton animation problem.

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I have some problem when I process CS anmation data. I get the animation data like this: for(int iBone = 0; iBone < iTotalBones; ++ iBone) { INode* pBoneNode = pBoneList->Get(iBone)->GetMaxNode(); //get the 0-time matrix, and invert it Matrix3 initMat = pBoneNode->GetNodeTM(0); initMat.Invert(); //save it. pBoneList->Get(iBone)->SetInitMat(initMat); } for(int iTime = 0; iTime < iTotalTimes; ++ iTime) { for(iBone = 0; iBone < iTotalBones; ++ iBOne) { //A BoneInfo struct contain the INode ptr and influence vertex count, and child bone list. BoneInfo* pBoneInfo = pBoneList->Get(iBone); //use inverted 0-time matrix to transforming the i-Time matrix to get the final matrix. Matrix3 finalMat = pBoneInfo->GetInitMat() * pBoneInfo->GetMaxNode()->GetNodeTM(iTime); //convert finalMat to D3DXMATRIX Matrix3 rotateMat(TRUE); Point3 offset = finalMat.GetTrans(); Quat rotateQuat(finalMat); rotateQuat.MakeMatrix(rotateMat, FALSE); D3DXMATRIX d3dMat; D3DXMatrixIdentity(&d3dMat); d3dMat._11 = rotateMat.m[0][1]; d3dMat._12 = rotateMat.m[0][2]; d3dMat._13 = rotateMat.m[0][3]; d3dMat._21 = rotateMat.m[1][1]; d3dMat._22 = rotateMat.m[1][2]; d3dMat._33 = rotateMat.m[1][3]; d3dMat._31 = rotateMat.m[2][1]; d3dMat._32 = rotateMat.m[3][2]; d3dMat._33 = rotateMat.m[3][3]; d3dMat._41 = offset.x; d3dMat._42 = offset.y; d3dMat._43 = offset.z; } } //------------------------------------------------------------ And I render my animation like this: if (pAnimation->IsFrameUpdated()) { int iTotalBones = 0; //pMatrices is the matrix array that in now frame used to transforming corresponding vertex D3DXMATRIX* pMatrices = pAnimation->GetCurFrameMatrices(&iTotalBones); //use BLENDWEIGHT,BLENDINDICES and TESSFACTOR source stream to transform each vertex. //TESSFACTOR is the number of bones assigned to each vertex. Because I use VS to render //skeleton animation. } I think that every thing is finined, but the render result is not correct! And I don''t know, what''s error I maked?

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