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What free 2D game engine should I use?

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What 2D game engine is easy to use, of decent quality, and free? Until now, I''ve been using the GPDUMB engine that comes with Windows Game programming for Dummies. I figured "hey, I''m learning, and this book will show me how to use it. Why not?" and I started trying it out. Its not all that bad an engine, I suppose, being free and bundled with a book. I even made a game with it. However, for my next project, I want something better. I''ve found GPDUMB to be crash happy and hard to use, as well as short on features. It works for 8 bit games, but that doesn''t change the fact that I''m getting sick of it by now. I''m getting the technology in place for my next game. I have a 2D tile rendering and collision engine, which works nicely, which is small and clean enough to be easy to switch to a different graphics engine. So, if you people could point me to free, effective, and easy to use 2D game engines, It''d be most appreciated. Thank you. ...for the time being, I''ll simply hope that my noobishness isn''t showing through, and causing me to do something incredibly stupid.

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Not sure what you''re looking for but I used to be working on
ZEngine which used SDL and OpenGL for easy 2D graphics. I am working on it''s predecessor, if you''re interested in it (it has some very nice fetaures, if you email me what sort of features you think you need I can let you know if what I''m working on will meet your needs.

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