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Its a game of two halves

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I am in the process of creating a board game. Its actually a sports based one, in which there will be two halves to a game. Now if I were to play this board game physically, I would have a timer that would count down 20 real minutes per half. However, this game will be completely played out by the computer, therefore I don''t want each match to last 40 minutes, I want it to go much quicker than that, but with the same net result. A la Championship Manager style. Am I making sense? I am not going to show a graphical representation of the game, as I am simply going to output the result and any commentary to a file that will be processed later. What i am asking is how do I represent the timescale, still do updates but if I ever wanted to watch the match play out, be able too? =*= If things seem bad, think that they can get a whole load worse, and they don''t seem so bad anymore =*=

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Just set a scale, say you think a player shold be abe to move 10 yards per second, (quick) work out physics using this as an average with upper and lower bounds, say 100m in 9-13 secs. For AI things are more difficult as ''average'' intelligence (for a footballer ) is unknown, similar rules could apply though.

Hope I''m making sense (sort of).


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