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constants in LUA?

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Hi, aren''t there constants in LUA? wenn I was searching the ref-manual I was suprised that I couldn''t find anything about it?

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No, I don't suppose there are. You'll be stuck using normal variables. If you want good software engineering practices, Lua probably isn't the language for you. But if you want excellent scripting capabilities you're in luck.

Edit: You can probably make a metatable that will not allow you to change the members of a table. Modify __index but leave __newindex alone.

Edit #2: I didn't come up with this, but here's the simplest possible implementation:

local constanttable = { pi = 3.14159, appname = "tetris"}
const = setmetatable({}, {__index = constanttable,
__newindex = function () error ("Attempt to modify constant") end})

And then you constants are accessible with something like const.pi, const.appname, etc.

[edited by - bobstevens on April 14, 2004 1:01:53 PM]

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