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Dark Wolf Design needs more Modelers, Coders, etc

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Dark WOlf Design is purchasing the A6 game Engine ( and is need to put together a much larger team of skilled C-script coders, modelers, animators, textures, etc. To get a idea the project we are starting check out (soon to be To see what Dark Wolf Design is about go to To contact us- email msn contact is Aim Handle is Drutak ICQ # is 316440618 Icq is server, #DWD

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The game is designed agaisnt the background of World War II. A combination of FPS, RTS, and other genres it will be able to create a true World War II Sim.

The Game
The Name
Frieden In Unserer Zeit
Peace In Our Time
The top is the German version of the bottom. It comes from a statement made by British Prime minister Chamberlain after giving Germany Slovokia as a peace token. The next year Germany invades Poland.

The timeline is 1937-1949. This gives players a two year lead up to the war during which countries and players will get themselves ready for combat. It also lets the war go (if no side wins before hand) 3-4 years after the war ended. This means the game will bring in hypothetical and experimental weapons.

Three Basic Modes of Play
Single Player
This will be a 12 year, non linear campaign. You will be able to play as any side, anywere in the game you want, from the common grunt to the general. You would level up your guy, take injuries (like leg injuries if you are shot in a leg). Gain prestige and medals. During that time you will experience historical events as they happened, as well as events created by changed cicumstances.

Regular Multiplayer
A regular multiplayer like most FPS games, working in limited building and RTS, as well as tanks, and aircraft. Players will be abvle to choose from any of the many game maps, and will be able to include bots in all.

Massively Multiplayer
Incorperating the best points of FPS, RTS, Train Sim, Flying Sim, and Massively Multiplayer.

Sub Campaigns
Players will be able to pick limited sub campaigns to play as well, such as just the Normandy Maps, or just North Africa.

Game Genres
FPS Portions
Much of the game will be played as a FPS (First Person Shooter) THis measn you will be playing as the Doughboys and SAS, Wehrmacht and SS. Also you will get to fly the planes, and drive the tanks of all major powers during the war. As a massively multiplayer game planes will be able to fly over multipul maps to complete long range bombing missions.

RTS Portions
The RTS portions will be used by map and area (like Normandy) commanders to tell soldiers were to go. While players don''t have to do what they are told, they will face penalties for not following orders, as well as the fact that if everyone works together, they have a better chance of winning. The view would be the classic overhead rts view with the ability to zoom in. RTS Commanders will also be able to build defenses and other buildings like factories over time. RTS commanders take orders from each countries high command.

Grand Strategy Portions
The grand strategy portions will be used by nation leaders and high commanders. From it they can negoitate with other leaders. The view will be a overhead map of Britain, Europe, and North Africa. The map will show each of the map zones and the resources, weapons etc there, as well as any important recent battle info, present battle info etc. High commanders can then decide were to send resources, and give orders to area commanders what is to be built in certain zones. They can also post information on major upcoming missions to get players ready to participate. You will also be able to use the "science" section of your population to develop better technology.

Flying Sim Portions
Although this prtion wil most likely not be ready in time for our first demo, we want to provide players with a very advanced flying sime. We want pilots of a B-17 to feel like they really are flying a B-17 (as well as any other plane), as well as making it take realistic damage. Actually be making it home "on a wing and a prayer"

Train Sims Portion
Those of you that love trains will even be able to drive real trains around the countries, delivering needed goods, and the more you get your goods there in one peice, the better you can make your trains.

RPG, Massively Multiplayer Portions
You will be able to level up you guy over time, although your guy getting killed and having to respawn (make a new guy automaticly according a present pattern) will not hurt you to much unless you are a super high level grunt, or high officer. Naturally you will be able to pass from one map to nearby mpas as well. A interesting part of the game will be your interaction with the npc''s. As each country you can decide to be beligerent to the common npc''s ant take what you want. Or you can decide to be nice and ingratiate yourself with them. If you oppress the conquered, dont be suprised if you start getting shot in the back, among other things. If you are decent to the npc''s though, they might even fight for you when defending a province, or rebel if you are ousted.

Other Attributes
Weapons, Tanks, and Aircraft
We are trying to bring you as many Weapons, Tanks, and Aircraft as possible. If we can we will bring you virtually everything that saw major action in World War II, as well as experimental, and hypothetical versions.

As time goes on high commanders will be able to research better and better technology, trying to win the war with technology.

Supply and Demand
The weapons, vehicles and aircraft you will be able to have on any one map will be decided buy a system of supply and demand. High commanders will have to gather resources, which are then shipped to factories (or used to build factories, defenses etc). Once at the factories they will be turned into whatever high command wants made, which will then be shipped to maps. Maps that have been supplied will offer many more weapons, tanks, and aircraft. If you are in a map that is not supllied or run out of supplies, you will respawn with a rifle, pistol, grenades, and some rations. Some suplllies might be held for specialty units such as the SAS or SS.

Cinematic Style Views
There wil be a option for some cinematic style camera shots. For example lets say you and 3 guys are in a bunker being charged by about 30 enemies. You have two magazines left. As you go to reload the magazine the camera will pan down to the magazine, then will come back up and look down your sights as you aim. If you mae any major moves it will take you out of the cinematic shot so you can run away etc, without viewing problems. You also will be able to save sections of game clips to show epic last stands, great survival streaks etc.
Awesome Music Score
Enjoy a music score worthy of a movie soundtrack, designed by Lesley Blair (Big. B Statz)

And More.............

also check out the new site,

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That''s almost the most ambitious thing I''ve ever heard, I saw your models list on teh web site, good luck.

tbh, I suggest getting a designer in there to clean up the concept. I''m not sure there''s a way to put that much of a game in to the engine you''re going to use.

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Yeh, I looked at the model list aswell and just about fell off my chair. I counted that in terms of just weapons and vehicels, they so far have a list of 711 models that need to be made o_0

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consider several things.

1. As a massively multiplayer game it needs alot more models.

2. The above is the reason I am trying to assemble a massive team, and have a due date of advanced demo and beta christmas this year, full version christmas 2005.

3. The game engine is designed to be a massively multiplayer game engine, as well as support for rts, 2d games, etc.

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Also with the models list, it is long but alot of the models are only slight variations from eachother. Such as the Stukas, BF109 etc.

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Drutak, while this looks interesting we need to ask you to confine your resquests for assistance to Help Wanted and any announcements to Your Announcements. You''re bound to get better responses there than in the regular forums which deal with problem solving, such as this one.

Just waiting for the mothership...

Just waiting for the mothership...

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This topic is 5394 days old which is more than the 365 day threshold we allow for new replies. Please post a new topic.

If you intended to correct an error in the post then please contact us.

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