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Book Suggustions

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Hello, I''m currently interested in creating an object animation program for 3D models. I''ve been programming in C++ for about a year now, and have been working through an OpenGL begginners book for a few months nearing an end. So now, I want to take up a project. I''d be very glad if you could give me some help for good suggustions on books to start out with. I''d like to find a book that will introduce me to the world of animation. Preferably something with code(C++/OGL), but even a book on theory would be helpful. I''ve done some research and read some reviews at amazon, yet I''d like input from someone who actually owns one of these books. "Real-time 3D Character Animation with Visual C++" by Nik Lever "Computer Animation: Algorithms and Techniques" by Rick Parent "Practical Algorithms for Three-Dimensional Computer Graphics" by R. Stuart Ferguson More Information about me: - 15 years old - Math education consists of Algebra to Advanced Geometry. - C++ and OpenGL programming experience as mentioned above. Thanks for your help and suggustions.

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Also, if you have any other suggustions for books that may help me I''d be glad to see them.

Again, I want to build my own animation program so I''m looking for any advice or guidance you can give me.

I understand this is not the easiest project to take, yet I appreciate any help you may provide.


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